GutterLove​/​Black Water Gospel split

by GutterLove

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Basically a compilation release. some GutterLove songs and some songs I wrote for my folkier project "Black Water Gospel" (that need to be re-recorded) and a cover of "A Chicken Named Jenny" by Pat the Bunny <-I do not own those lyrics or chord progression. but everything else is original. I'm drunk. Good night.


released April 3, 2016

I wrote and recorded everything. sorry it's not great quality



all rights reserved


GutterLove Florida

Folk music with punk influence.

i don't know what I'm doing..


Instagram @XGutterLoveX

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Track Name: Home
I'm blackin' out but that's okay cuz I've been thinking hard about the past and now I'm just trying to focus on the bar.
I can't read the words on this bottle of whiskey all I know is that this bottle is coming home with me.
Alcohol is comforting but I miss my true love, without Mary I admit that I am in a rut.
Until the next time you decide you want to spend the night, I'll sleep with alcohol and I'll pretend that it's alright

saying Oooh, I'm drinking away everything I know, and I don't remember how to get home

She said she was leavin, I said "that's okay, all I need are my friends and some smelly mary jane"
and to this day i reminiscence and yes it makes me sad, I dont know if I will ever find what we used to have
my bottle's gettin empty, the sun is going down, I ain't listenin to your bullshit but I can hear the hounds coming for me
please take me away from this town, I'll let you bite into my neck I wont even make a sound
after I say Oooh, I'm drinking away everything I know, and I don't remember how to get home.
Track Name: Had
I'm drunk as hell and high on cheap cocaine and pills
I'm just about out of money and by now I bet you can tell
from the stones in my heart and the wrinkles on my face
the bags under my eyes, the hate in my soul

that woman there was the best that I ever had
I ruin everything but fuck it, I ain't even mad
I'll just keep doin drugs till that casket don't look half bad
I pave my pathway to hell in ironcald

crushed beer cans and empty packs of cigarettes and
memories of climbing fences, mama still ain't proud
I'm still alive and life still sucks so kill yourself or suck it up
or get an automatic weapon and fire into a crowd
Track Name: Stupid Face
She grabbed me by my stupid face and said Alan please stop worrying
you're worth much more than you think and you mean the world to me
you're loyal and you're honest, and I promise I'll be the same to you
we've both got our bullshit to get through but we can make it easier
I smiled as she looked at me, with eyes as pristine as any sea,
and that's the exact moment that I wake up from my dream.

he got grabbed by his stupid face and told that he was worth his weight in crushed beer cans and fairy tales
nobody's gonna pay his bail
he hardly ever speaks, he scared that he'll say something dumb which honestly he usually does but you didn't hear that from me.
he keeps mostly to himself, bastardizing mental health, chastising the way he is, he can't quite change the way he lives or loves.

I'm a fucking waste of life, I'm a fucking waste of space
I'm sorry if I bother you, she said "you don't need to feel that way
I'm a fucking waste of life too I'm a fucking waste of space and I'm sorry if I'm bothering you" I said "you don't need to feel that way anymore"

he picked himself up by his bootstraps and made himself a promise that he would spend more time and effort, just workin on himself
he's lonely as ever, but he got back into that gym and has a job that sustains him and he tries to laugh with friends
Track Name: Narrow Slice
it was never better than it was when it was free
life beyond the grasp of our society
things will change for billions of years but I will still remain
in a slice of time on a speck of dust in that milky way

our existence is so fragile our perception is so shallow
and you're still so goddamn arrogant
it's so big and you're so small you damn near don't matter at all

well that devil he came down to Florida and had himself a time
drinkin whiskey, poppin pills, committin violent crimes
as a street corner jazz band burned through the night
and that alley cat was prowling now he's lookin for a fight

I'm a no good alcoholic self centered piece of shit
and life can be so beautiful but it's still meaningless
I bust my ass and drink and smoke to keep these thoughts away
and tomorrows just gonna be another day